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What to expect in your first therapy session

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What to expect in your first therapy session
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What to expect in your first therapy session

First therapy session

For many people, The initial step—making the decision to ask for assistance—is overwhelming. You should be conscious of and grateful for your strength! Perhaps you are considering beginning treatment but are unsure of how or where to begin.

Many people have false beliefs about treatment, and the initial step is typically the most difficult. This can be the result of not understanding what happens and how therapy session’s function. You may learn more about how the first online counseling or mental health therapy session looks in this post.

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Below is a breakdown of a typical first online therapy session.


The therapist will describe the confidentiality rule to you and reassure you that any discussions Your interactions with one another are private and secure. The official part is done once you acknowledge your understanding of the rules.


The online therapist will question you on your general demographics for a significant portion of the session. Additionally, the therapist asks you questions that will help them address and comfort you. To move beyond the initial issue that led you to receive therapy, the therapist could start to ask more deep questions and issues.


Some example introductory questions can be like:

·        In what circumstances do you currently actually live?

·        What kind of relationship are you in right now?

·        Have you ever sought therapy?

·        Does your family have a history of mental health problems?

Understanding current situation

The therapist will next start to inquire about your symptoms and worries. After that, you can find yourself progressively clarifying the context of your worries or problems. Your therapist will pay close attention to what you say while taking notes on important details.


The therapist will briefly recap your difficulties and the main areas for improvement/treatment as the first online therapy session concludes. After that, he or she will go over the steps of the treatment plan with you and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have. Additionally, he or she will let you know that as therapy goes on, the treatment strategy under discussion can alter. Up until your next appointment, he or she might offer you some brief therapy or homework.

The most important thing you can do is check in with yourself following your initial online counselling and therapy session. Be aware that there is no such thing as being treated in the first session alone; even though you could feel a little better or relieved following your first online session, your symptoms won't go instantly. To secure your favourite slot for the online session, make a note to book your next session as soon as you can. 


We utilise an online meeting system that complies with HIPAA. If you have decided to seek counselling online. Our therapists work with adults, kids, and seniors. No matter where you live, you may access the services, activities, and webinars on our website. Click Here to set up an online appointment for you or a loved one.


We hope your therapy appointment is successful!


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