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What is the worst piece of relationship advice ever given someone?

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What is the worst piece of relationship advice ever given someone?
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What is the worst piece of relationship advice ever given someone?

Everyone on Earth complains about relationships, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they believe. You have probably received some horrible advice from well-meaning pals, whether you're in one, looking for one, or have given up on the whole charade.


Here are some of our least favourite worst advice in relationship, ranging from outright lies to deceptive half-truths.


1. If You Fight, You're More Committed

This is our first ever worst advice in relationship. Despite the stereotypes you may have seen on Instagram, having frequent disagreements does not indicate that your relationship is "passionate." Your relationship suffers as a result of them.

First things first: just because you quarrel or argue occasionally does not mean your relationship is bad or doomed. A good partnership depends on being able to communicate disagreements respectfully and compassionately.

However, arguments that turn into yelling, retaliations, or the silent treatment are unhealthy.

You can say, "But we argue because we love each other!" with your partner. But having regular fights is not love; it's hurtful, especially if you have kids. According to studies, children whose parents fight are more likely to experience depression or other mental health problems. 

Show your love by visiting couple's counselling together and developing the ability to peacefully communicate your differences.

2. A happy wife leads a happy life.

This phrase is not only incorrect, but it is also blatantly insulting. If you give in to your wife's every desire because you fear she will make your life miserable, that is not being progressive or feminist. Be kind to the unfortunate woman! I hope you have not given this worst advice in relationship to anyone ever.


Every time possible, a relationship's two participants should be content. Yes, this frequently requires giving in; occasionally, husbands will watch the rom-com while the ladies attend the baseball game. (Or the other way around, as many ladies adore baseball and many husbands enjoy rom-coms!)


Regularly neglecting your own desires is the fastest way to breed bitterness. Instead, both spouses should learn to deal with uncomfortable situations and try to compromise whenever possible.

3. Never rage in bed.

Many times, this suggestion is delivered with good intentions. Fights can linger for days. Spending several sleepless hours angry at your partner is a sure-fire way to set the tone for your negative attitude the following day. Therefore, if you can settle a dispute before going to bed without missing sleep, do so.

But occasionally discussing the issue involves several tense hours of debate. Two very irritable, sleep-deprived people who are more likely to fight again as a result. A love relationship cannot flourish in a permanent state of intense tension.


Maybe the adage must be updated to read, "Never go to bed furious – unless you really need to sleep."

4. You Can Change your spouse

Everyone has obnoxious behaviors. Some are small, such as chewing one's nails or neglecting to clean the sink. Some are awful, such as being a jerk who is abusive. No matter how big or minor your partner's issues are, one thing is certain: You cannot change them.


In movies, it always seems simple: Girl meets guy, boy loves to party and lie, but through the power of love (insert musical cue here), girl changes boy into a gentle person who adores knitting and cats. Caution: This type of externally induced change is rarely sustainable.


If a partner's imperfections are a deal breaker, that's fine, but putting your whole life into trying to change them would only make you both unhappy.

5. Get Baby! Get hitched! It Will Resolve Every Issue!

Given how ridiculous this belief is, it is amazing how widespread it is. So frequently, couples who are having marital problems look for a Band-Aid because they believe that by taking "the next step," they will become a pair.


Once you get married, the arguments will not end. Your marriage will not be strengthened by a buying a home. A baby will not miraculously restore the family vibe if you are feeling distant. Instead, you have made an already challenging situation worse by adding more pressures. It is a powder keg, not a spark.


Before you make a significant leap in your relationship, make sure it is stable. It is simpler to manage additional, demanding duties when your team is well-coordinated.

6. Jealousy is a Sign of Love

Because jealousy is a very common emotion, especially in love relationships, this proverb has two sides. When a spouse speaks to a handsome acquaintance, even the most honourable and compassionate members of our species may experience a fleeting flash of jealously.


Envy itself is not a terrible thing. When jealousy turns into control, that's when things become terrible. If your partner acts you like they own you, that is possessiveness, not jealousy. Giving up friendships or allowing your partner to monitor your phone's whereabouts should not be prerequisites for being in a romantic relationship.


7. love is enough

We can find courage through love. To overcome our worries, we need love. When we want to hide, love encourages us to keep going.

Love, however, is not a miracle worker.


Deep love exists between you and your partner. It weakens your knees to look into their eyes. You frequently swoon, it has been said. That is wonderful! However, love only has so much power. The split will not be mended by "loving each other," for instance, if one of you is adamantly against having children while the other is. There is no amount of love that can make up for one of you wanting to go to Europe while the other is adamant about staying in your small-town in Iowa.

It is heart-breaking to break up with someone you adore. But if sticking with your partner means giving up your most important life objectives, it might be the smartest course of action. Love is strong, but it is not all-powerful.

8. Healthy Relationships Don't Need to Be Worked

At If only! Unfortunately, maintaining some of the best relationships demands for constant work. Partners must put their relationship first, reaffirm their love, and prioritise spending time with one another even when things are going well.

Relationships also demand greater effort when times are tough. Putting your partner's needs before your own can require weeks or months at a time, but it is necessary to support them through illness or the loss of a loved one.

Such sacrifices are difficult to make for love. Love entails a willingness to carry out tasks, notwithstanding their difficulty.


The Best Advice for Healthy Relationship Comes from Relationship Therapy

There are no quick fixes for relationships, but if you need Counseling, think about speaking with a certified online relationship therapist. They can evaluate things clearly and provide opinions and advice that can have a significant impact on how well you understand your partner. Remember to avoid the poor advise mentioned above, if you are looking for relationship advice!

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