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We have conditioned ourseleves that it is okay to abuse.

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We have conditioned ourseleves that it is okay to abuse.
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We have conditioned ourseleves that it is okay to abuse.

Recently, a footage of a woman who lives in a Noida apartment house in Sector 129 made headlines. In the video, the woman is seen shouting curses at the building's watchman on a Sunday. After guard complained about her, she was imprisoned into 14-day custody. That's the second instance of an uncontrollable rage that has been reported in Noida in the past week. On August 18, another video of two women arguing over a seat in the Delhi Metro went viral online.

Why people actually abuse?

abusiveness is the result of several layers of long-standing anger issues. "It's not someone will suddenly stand up and start yelling the trash. There must be multiple levels of rage and negative emotions. We all carry some anger, but those who abuse others have a lot of long-standing stored anger. Exactly like a balloon that is waiting for a pinprick.

Another aspect of someone being abusive can be unrestrained or badly managed anger issues. "This may be brought on by unresolved trauma. Second, the World Health Organization reports that one in four people who lived during the pandemic had mental health conditions, including as anxiety and depression. These people will be more at risk.

People want to show their dominant position

Others might even struggle with control. These people attempt to took center and prove their superiority. They attain this by being aggressive or intimidating. So they begin abusing. When someone feels that their voice isn't being heard, they get out of control angry and attempt to intimidate others. Other factors include long-term stress and a person's interpersonal conflicts. sometimes, people lack empathy and don't understand what their boundaries are. Such individuals may also have an antisocial personality disorder. They might have experienced abuse.

Conditioning and exposure make people think it is okay to abuse

Unfortunately, our environment also plays a significant part. We have trained ourselves to believe that abusing others is OK. The media and OTT are just two examples of platforms which have glorified abuse. This explains why there are so many films featuring foul language. Screaming and shouting are now normal. The fact that people are now using abusive language in casual speech makes it acceptable in today's society.

A brain condition has nothing to do with being abusive.

A brain disorder is not related to being abusive. When someone is screaming abuse, it's not because they have a mental illness. It is a behavioural issue that must be looked out for. As a result, when someone abuses, they frequently turn to their original tongue. Abuse is typically expressed in a language that is familiar to the victim. A Punjabi speaker or someone who speaks Hindi will eventually fling insults in their native tongue.

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