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Individual therapy and solutions - Book appointment Now.
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Individual therapy and solutions - Book appointment Now.

In Individual therapy and solutions, we provide a chance to talk about everything whatever makes you feel frustrated or stressed in a non – judgmental setting. The Counselor will first listen to you that how you experience things in life, then can eventually help you in considering new ways of understanding or looking at situations so that you feel more empowered of changing patterns that are keeping you in the current struggles.

In Individual therapy and solutions, Counseling will include looking at current issues that are unexpected or overwhelming usual coping strategies, or past events that have resurfaced and are affecting current functioning.

Counseling experience for each individual will be different, but there are some common components of the Counseling process.

  • There would be a specific time and setting where you can express your emotions exactly how you are feeling and identify your patterns and beliefs which are not serving you anymore for approximately 45 – 55 minutes.
  • The setting would be non-judgemental, where the counselor’s major agenda is to care about you and your wellbeing. The counselor is not here to advise you but to empower you to take your own decision and take actions in the right direction.
  • In individual therapy and solutions, you learn how to manage your family, peer, and intimate relationships effectively so that they must not contribute to the stress. And, learn how to seek support from family and friends and do not extend them beyond their patience or expertise.
  • In individual therapy and solutions, you will also learn how to manage your anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, and emotions, etc. because as an adult you’re only responsible for your overall happiness and wellbeing. Living with good well-being always promotes a healthy lifestyle and growth in life.
  • Counseling also involves understanding how the mind/brain works, setting and enforcing boundaries of respect, gaining insight into how one’s own beliefs originated, understanding one’s addictive thoughts and behaviors, learning to stay in the present vs. trying to problem-solve the past, and future, etc.

On a personal note, I consider it a privilege to meet with each person who takes the chance to come into counseling and to be allowed to be involved in their lives this way. It is only through others’ willingness to share, that I can experience certain life situations, and it is a humbling experience to be granted that permission. I take confidentiality, respect, and care for you very seriously, and will always strive to treat you, your time, and your story with the dignity you deserve.

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