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How Do I Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling?

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How Do I Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling?
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How Do I Get The Most Out Of Couples Counseling?

Many of us might be hesitant to think of relationship counselling as a form of help. This is clear. Feeling out of control is unpleasant for most people. Society generally teaches us to repress our emotions and deal with our problems on an individual basis. But times have changed, and we are evolving. To realise our desire for a more sincere, genuine, and meaningful connection, we must be prepared to momentarily put our ego aside for the relationship's sake. 

Early support seeking will assist you in avoiding needless relationship harm in a safe setting where you may learn to hear and understand your partner in new ways.

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If you have an issue in your relationship that you are unable to resolve despite your best efforts, it might be time to get help. You have not failed as a couple if you seek help. Simply put, it signifies you have the intelligence and concern to try an alternative strategy. It is crucial that you can move forward and really bring up some of the challenging difficulties you are dealing with after you have decided to seek treatment, scheduled the appointment, and arrived at the front door.

witnessed environment is a safe environment and one in which you can speak as an individual, not just the ‘other half’ of a couple. This is not a time for social niceties, but a time for honesty, so make the most of it.

Sensitive Topics

You can experience emotional, vulnerable, apprehensive, or even irritated feelings during your session. These emotions are normal. Your counsellor will check on you, make sure you are at ease, and provide you with a drink of water and some tissues. Take your time and remember that you may speak without worrying about being judged. Your topic could be challenging to discuss if you are new to counselling. However, rest assured that a licenced psychologist will be able to help you navigate this procedure because they have done it before.

Difficult topics may include:

  • Infidelity
  • One partner’s realisation/admission that they are attracted to same-sex persons
  • Pornography addiction
  • Alcoholism or drug use
  • Mental health issues

On the other hand, it's possible that you experience equally severe chronic day-to-day difficulties. These include poor sex drive or a lack of intimacy, conflict over parenting strategies, financial worries, health challenges, work-related stress, and financial concerns. All of these triggers are real and important ones that can cause relationships to fall apart.

Relationship Skills are Skills for Life

Learning to discuss your problems in your current relationship with honesty and compassion is a crucial life skill, regardless of whether you envision yourselves together for a very long time or simply for the moment. You will be more likely to enter into satisfying relationships of all kinds if you put these abilities into practise and incorporate them into your daily life.

Getting assistance

Are you seeking relationship or marriage counselling? Call 91 8130014427 to book an appointment with a psychologist within seven days.

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