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Counseling for Intimacy and Sexuality

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Counseling for Intimacy and Sexuality
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Counseling for Intimacy and Sexuality


Physical Intimacy and sexuality is a very Warm and Beautiful expression of Love. It Deepens the Connection between couples, strengthens their understanding of each other. Sexuality is a beautiful experience couples can share. But sometimes it becomes the Source of Distress and worry between couples. Some couples experience sex as a source of Frustration and Shame instead of Joy. So here the role of Counselor for counseling in Intimacy and Sexuality arises.

Are you:

  • Feeling Unhappy with your Sexual Life.
  • Struggling with Desire or Pleasure.
  • Recovering from health or trauma.
  • Feeling Something is Missing.

If your Answer to the Above Question is YES!!!! Then counseling for intimacy and sexuality is for you.

As a Counselor for Intimacy and Sexuality, I will help you in solving all of them. I am a Therapist who works with couples who are dissatisfied with their sexual life, helping them in finding the source of their sexual concerns.

Physical sexual issues may have psychological causes. Some of these physical issues include:

  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Difficulty maintaining arousal
  • Painful sex
  • These issues can also create conflict between couples.

I provide counseling for Intimacy and sexuality, which is for couples and individuals to openly discuss and explore their feelings. This form of talk therapy is designed to help clients address various types of factors impacting their sexual satisfaction. The therapist will focus on personal, psychological, medical, and other interpersonal issues with couples and individually with each partner.

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