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4 Books So Powerful, They Can Rewire Your Brain

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4 Books So Powerful, They Can Rewire Your Brain
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4 Books So Powerful, They Can Rewire Your Brain

Have you ever considered how much our brains can do to shape the nature of our lives? Our inner voice may shout for a change when we feel stuck at times.

Humans have the capacity to heal and change their circumstances. All we require is some mental rewiring and a positive view.

Our minds are very basic. Our brains are continuously rewiring themselves to accommodate whatever information we feed it. It cannot distinguish between fact and illusion.

These four terrific books that teach brain rewiring come highly recommended if you are in the same stage of life and feel that some reprogramming is necessary.

(Note: The links mentioned in this article are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase these books through these links, it will help me earn a small amount of money — at no extra cost to you. Thanks!)


How To Do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera

This book by clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera guides you on a path of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. The best aspect of this book, in my opinion, is how LePera uses her personal healing experience to explain psychological techniques for healing and life reprogramming.

She had a wake-up call to heal herself when her health began to deteriorate, which inspired her to write this book. There are eight extracts in total. Each addresses a variety of topics, including mental and physical well-being, holistic psychology, childhood trauma, stress reduction, reprogramming core beliefs, healthy relationships, escaping negative behavioural patterns, and much more.

As she underwent this procedure, Dr. LePera skillfully created this book about self-healing. The breadth of her findings as well as how practical her solutions for self-reprogramming were astounded me.

My favourite lines from Dr. Nicole LePera's book How To Do The Work

“The real work has nothing to do with anything “out there.” It has everything to do with what’s in you. It comes from you.”

“Healing is a daily event. You can’t “go somewhere” to be healed; you must go inward to be healed. This means a daily commitment to doing the work.”

“Holistic Psychology harnesses the power of choice because choice enables healing.”

“The first step toward healing in mind and body is knowing what you’re dealing with — identifying the unresolved trauma.”

“Once a core belief is formed, you engage in what’s called a confirmation of bias; information that does not conform to your beliefs is discarded or ignored in favor of information that does.”


Benefits to read it

I've gained invaluable knowledge and insights from this book that I will always treasure.

My recommendation is to read this book slowly, pay attention to the lessons, and then put them to use in your own life.

Get a copy of this book right here.


Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters by Ethan Kross

Most of the talks we have are with ourselves in our brains. Most people frequently talk to themselves. However, sometimes it is impossible to silence that voice.

Despite our best efforts, our monkey mind continues to wander the more we try to regulate it. It contains other unsettling statements like "Everyone thinks you're a fool," "Everybody's doing great but you," and similar ones.

What if there was a way to calm your mind and transform the internal chatter into introspection?

Ethan Kross, a well-known neuroscientist, psychologist, and prolific author, discusses how to control that inner voice and deal with worry.

In the book, he effectively combines research and teachings with a few true experiences. Our mental health, emotions, and interpersonal connections can all be negatively impacted by the negative self-talk, or chatter, that we have with ourselves.

My favorite quotes from Chatter by Ethan Kross

“People we love, as well as how often we can tolerate this venting while not feeling listened to ourselves. Relationships thrive on reciprocity. That is one of the reasons why therapists charge us for their time and friends don’t.”

“Moreover, it turns out that having imaginary friends may spur internal speech in children. In fact, emerging research suggests that imaginary play promotes self-control, among many other desirable qualities such as creative thinking, confidence, and good communication.”


Reasons to read it

My view on reflecting on oneself and controlling my thoughts was altered by this book. I no longer attempt to shut it continually. You won't be let down if you give it a read.

Get a copy of this book right here.


Your Turn: How to Be an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

What comes to mind when you hear the word "adults" or "adulthood"? The first things that come to mind are obligations, education, employment, and families—things that society has ingrained in our thoughts.

However, being an adult entail more than simply abiding by cultural rules at the expense of your autonomy and wellbeing. You don't become an adult just because you reach a certain age. Knowing how to keep moving forward and being at ease with uncertainty do.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, a mother of two and bestselling author, wrote Your Turn to share her personal experiences and practical advice for leading fulfilling adult lives.

My favorite quotes from Your Turn by Julie Lythcott-Haims

“Don’t let anyone tell you who you are — you have to have a bigger idea of who you are than how society sees you.”

“You must stop pleasing others because those other people literally have no idea who you ARE.”

“We remember the people who saw us when we couldn’t really see ourselves.”


Reasons to read it

Adulthood entails gratitude and generosity in addition to labouring for your dream life. If you desire a better knowledge of what it means to be an adult, I highly recommend this book.

Get a copy of this book right here.


Livewired: Inside Story of the Ever-changing Brain by Dr. David Eagleman

Your body's brain is its most miraculous organ. Its power is beyond anything we can ever fathom. You must be familiar with the proverb "What we think, we become." Even scientific studies have demonstrated that our brain may be rewired or reprogrammed depending on the input we provide.

My eyes were opened by the book Livewired written by TED speaker and neurologist Dr. David Eagleman. I gained greater knowledge about how the brain works. He made interesting and enlightening findings on the brain, dreaming, and the use of neurological gadgets.

My favorite quotes from Livewired by Dr. David Eagleman

“The experiences and goals of a person are always reflected in the brain’s structure.”

“Dreams are the means by which the visual cortex prevents takeover.

Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain.”

“The difference between predictions and outcomes is the key to understanding a strange property of learning: if you’re predicting perfectly, your brain doesn’t need to change further… Changes in the brain happen only when there’s a difference between what was expected and what actually happens.”

Reasons to read it

If you prefer to see the logic in everything and would like to learn more about brain rewiring, read it.

Get a copy of this book right here.

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