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Divorce and Breakup Counseling

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Divorce and Breakup Counseling

Divorce and Breakup Counseling

Divorce and Breakup Counseling focuses on helping you to turn your divorce or break up into a new beginning. Your relationship may have ended but the feelings of sadness and loss can stick around for months and sometimes years afterward. 

How Divorce and Breakup Counseling helps

Perhaps you feel lonely, lost, or heartbroken. Divorce and Breakup Counseling for difficult separations and divorce offers hope and help to feel empowered and provide some clarity in a difficult transition. Together we will work to improve insight, communication, and stronger boundaries for yourself as well as your past, present, and future relationships. I’m happy to help you with the many emotional and psychological challenges you may face during and after a break-up or difficult divorce including changes of lifestyle, career, finances, peer group, co-parenting, or navigating the dating world again.

Maybe you’re looking for love or recovering from relationship conflict or a break-up and seeking more understanding about yourself or your relationship history. Maybe you’ve been hurt and are questioning the idea of pursuing a romantic relationship at all.

Divorce and Breakup Counseling explores common fears and negative thought patterns such as:

  • Am I doomed to be single forever?
  • I feel like I’ve lost my soul mate. What do I do now?
  • I’ve been hurt so badly. I’m ready to give up on love.
  • I can’t stop thinking about him/her. Will I ever get over this heartbreak?
  • I want a great relationship but I always seem to self-sabotage
  • I keep attracting the wrong kind of person
  • I think I’m a good catch but am I?
  • Learn more about break-up here.

I specialize in Divorce and Breakup Counseling. So I can help you in new single and heartbroken people bounce back from breakups, navigate commitment crises and infidelity, come to peace with past emotional hurts and injuries, and conquer loneliness to find the connection. Get a good start on your next relationship by developing a relationship with yourself—focusing on strengths, understanding your needs, as well as anticipating and working on future issues early in the recovery process.