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Divorce and Breakup Counseling

Divorce and Breakup Counseling

Well!! We know that divorce and breakup are the most intensely painful things emotionally. You get weak and unable to settle it down. When your relationship is ending, you think that your whole world is ending, and it is essential to handle yourself at that time. Hare, sometimes you need counseling for handling relationship breakups, and the separation helps you to work through these emotions and come to terms with your new and changed circumstances. 

How do Divorce and Breakup Counseling help?

Divorce and breakup counseling is a space for you. And this is the time to work through the experiences you have had regarding the breakup, separation, or divorce. This thing is going or has gone through only with the help of counseling. Well!! Divorce counseling assumes that the relationship is at a stage where both people can’t continue in a relationship together in the future. It gives both people the chance to explore their relationship without the pressure to “fix” it. And without having this pressure, honesty and openness can replace blame and anger easily. 

Breakup counseling helps you improve your situation, get into the new world, and understand that you need to move in your life. This time you can work on yourself. At this stage, handling your emotions is essential and understanding things correctly.  

What is the right time to go for divorce and breakup counseling?

If you are talking about the right time to go for divorce and breakup counseling, there is no specific time. However, talking about what has happened can only benefit your well-being, and it will help you cope with what is to come. Well!! Here are some of the more common reasons for the couple to go for counseling include:

·        When you start having vibes that you cannot continue living together anymore.

·        When one of the partners leaves, one partner feels excluded.

·        When your communication has broken down completely.

·        Maybe your partner is having an affair.

The emotional stages of divorce & breakup

Well, the emotional stage of the divorce is pretty much the same as the emotional breakdown when our loved one passes away. It is the death of your close relationship. 

You will have to go through these difficult stages at your own comfortable sped and your own time. And experience is going to be unique for you. But somewhere, the same kind of pattern you feel. 

Let's discuss some emotional stages of divorce and some of the feelings you may feel during this time.

  • Anger: It can be very challenging for you to control your anger. During this phase, you always look for somebody to blame and might not take this into your ex. It might be possible that your family members, your kids, or your co-workers could become unwilling victims. It would help if you came out of that anger from inside you. It will be healthy for you, and controlling your anger is the key.
  • Feeling Guilty: In our societies, marriage is one of the great things, but when you get a divorce, you might feel a lot of guilt for having a failed marriage in your life. Sometimes you also feel shame as your anger falls. And if you have children, then you may be feeling more like this. But unfortunately, guilt is one of the things that can stop you from getting a divorce.
  • Depression: Guilt can lead to grief. Endless sadness can lead to depression. You may experience feelings of suicide in severe cases. If you do, get help ASAP. You may feel lazy, unimpressed, without purpose, or have problems sleeping or overeating. The fear can last a long time, but time will heal you as it is with most things in life.

Some signs that you could profit from running with a divorce Counselor

·        Trouble sleeping

·        Poor attention

·        Disinterest in activities

·        Pulling back from relationships

·        Uncontrolled anger

·        Low craving

·        Unexpected weight loss or gain

·        A feeling of self-loathing

·        Repeated anxieties about the future

So, you don't have to struggle alone, take help. Taking help is not being weak, but a strong step to healing effectively.