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Series of webinar for Teenage Love and Relationships

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Series of webinar for Teenage Love and Relationships

Series of webinar for Teenage Love and Relationships

In a world where teenagers are facing a lot of challenges, it seems as if there is no way out, trust me, there is a way out.πŸ’ƒ

Experiencing teenage love is part of the process of growing up and forming your identity and sense of self, including gender identity and sexual orientation. The renowned child development psychologist Erik Erikson described teenage love as a form of self-development as opposed to true love and intimacy. While romantic relationships in adolescence are often challenging, finding your way through them can yield a variety of mental health benefits. 

Within a romantic relationship, teens can practice communication skills, learn to compromise, build empathy for others, and solidify their values. These skills and self-knowledge are extremely helpful in building healthy relationships as teens enter emerging adulthood. Moreover, a positive experience of teenage love supports a young person’s positive self-image and confidence in their ability to forge intimate connections. This can help them create healthy levels of independence from their parents as they gradually gain autonomy. 


In my Counseling Practice of 12 Yrs., I have experienced that parents are mostly confused that their child who Teenage ( 14–20 years ) are in relationship. So, whether they should stop them or how to Let them understand what is right or wrong for them.

So here, I am bringing a series of webinar especially designed for your teenage keeping in mind about your stress and worry about your child. In this group Counseling I will be guiding your Relationships for teenagers from A to Z

Here in these 3 days webinar πŸ‘‰ "TEENAGE LOVE & RELATIONSHIP"

I will be discussing about πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


βœ… Discovering Lust, Attraction, or Love.
βœ… Why you fall for someone?
βœ… Maintaining your relationship
βœ… Overcoming "pain of break up & moving on"
βœ… Q&A Session, free ebooks, and a lot more...


I will be taking you on a journey to Realize, Apply and OVERCOMEπŸ“Œ
You do not want your TEEN to miss this



You have made the greatest decision.