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Online of Internship Program for Psychology Students

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Online of Internship Program for Psychology Students

Online of Internship Program for Psychology Students

Every one of us can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. We also wishes for you and your families safety. We request you to stay at home and stay safe unless it's essential. 
In the view of Pandemic, We, Counselor Sharma has launched an Online Internship Program for Psychology students. Internship in the feild of Psychology is equaly important as getting theoratical knowledge and getting Degree. After complition of the graduate and post graduate degree, students only get theoretical knowlegde but to work in the feild one needs to get practical knowlegde. 

Program Highlights:

  • Real Life Case Exposure.
  • Communication Techniques ( mirror technique, using the senses, master emotional triggers)
  • Therapeutic and interventions approaches ( autobiographical journaling, free association, gratitude writing, relaxation techniques)
  • Taking case histories and designing case studies.
  • Developmental studies and their application in understanding client behaaviour.
  • Designing treatment plans. (Psychoanalysis, CBT, Client centered Approach, transactional analysis, REBT etc)

Key Learning of Program:

  • Concpetualization and understanding of counseling.
  • Understanding the basic ethics and laws of counseling
  • Understanding basic concept of disorders.

At the End of Program you will get

  • Hardcopy of Letter of Recommendation
  • Experience Certificate at your doorstep.

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