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How to let go of past emotional baggage ~ Webinar

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How to let go of past emotional baggage ~ Webinar

How to let go of past emotional baggage ~ Webinar

Are you carrying unsupportive past baggage like anger, hurt, resentment, guilt, shame, regret, etc.,? Do you want to be free from all these unsupportive negative emotions?


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I used to carry a lot of emotional baggage from my past which resulted in regular anger outbursts


…and the worst part was I justified my anger every single time and put the blame on my work stress and family members and their shortcomings.


I was not willing to take up responsibility until I reached a point where


👉 My anger outbursts became a repetitive pattern in my life

👉 It started affecting my relationship with my family and friends.

👉 Worst of all, my son who were just 10 years old back then, took the brunt of it


Did I not try some tips and techniques to overcome this pattern of mine?


Of course, I did, only to find that it just took another argument or misunderstanding to bring back all the negative emotional garbage. Fast forward a few years not only have I let go of most of the unsupportive negative emotions like anger, hurt and resentment, I am also able to help others do the same.


🤔What did I do differently that made such a transformation possible?


Instead of expecting others to change I started working on myself using The 28-Day Healing Method.  Today, it is gratifying to see so many of my clients benefitting by following The 28-Day Healing Method. I want to share with you The 28-Day Healing Method…Because I know if the emotional baggage that you are carrying is not affecting your spouse and children yet, it soon will.


If whatever I have shared resonates with you, I invite you to join me LIVE for Relationship Magic workshop during which I will teach you The 28-Day Healing Method.


Workshop Details:

It's an 28 days online program to be held on whatsapp group.  on 5th February, we will meet online on GMeeting for gaining knowledge about healing method. ... and for another 28 days you will get daily tasks to perform on that day. Complete assistant for next 28 days will be provided. 

  • Date: February 19th, Saturday
  • Timing: 8 pm to 9:30 pm.
  • Enroll Before : 15th February 2022
  • Investment: Just Rs. 499/- 



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